Ryka UAS Industry Updates for 2018

Located in the Pacific Northwest, our services have grown from providing simple imagery for telecommunication sites to creating robust analytics reports and surveying of various environments. Using numerous tools including multispectral, photogrammetry, and more advanced UAS systems Ryka’s focus is to provide engineers and asset companies with boutique UAS services with an emphasis on quality.

In 2018, we have positioned ourselves to remain focused on quality while increasing our team, fleet and equipment to meet our clients need. Our service area has grown well beyond the Pacific Northwest and in 2017, we surveyed and mapped over 30,000 acres, visited over a 1000 cell sites, and flew a total of 10,000 hours.  We appreciate our great clients that truly see the value of our service and have supported us throughout the years.

Our 2018 roadmap brings exciting new developments to our current UAS services. Beyond our in-practice UAS ability, Ryka has added an emergency response team that can deploy a fixed-wing aircraft with a 20+ hour flight endurance. This capability brings a level of service available for firefighting needs, search and rescue, and emergency disaster response.

The telecommunication industry continues to see the value of UAS technology and Ryka will grow with that industry. In addition, many engineering companies now rely on our photogrammetry 3D models and we frequently provide analytic reports such as mount mapping and tower mapping. Our 2018 contract work will push the limits of 3D modeling of vertical infrastructure and provide insights on telecommunication assets infrastructure.

We are proud to support environmental work and will continue to work with the National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, and the many other environmental firms to explore the latest sensors and technologies for UAS remote sensing. Working with these various groups, Ryka has tested some of the most cutting-edge sensors and cameras available while providing high-resolution imagery products. A collaboration of our UAS experts, environmental scientists, with support from these agencies has produced some astounding results, to be fully detailed in upcoming publications.

As we enhance our UAS services we continually seek strategic partnerships and companies who wish to explore UAS technology. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

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