New Pricing for Surveying in the Mining and Construction Industry

At Ryka, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer value and satisfaction. This includes reviewing our costs and growth in the last few years related to constructions and mining survey. In which, we have found methods to increase our efficiency and as a result, want to offer this as a value to our customers. Land Surveying is an important aspect of many civil and environmental engineering projects. We work closely with our industry partners and have been able to cut our costs for certain types of these projects. You can now obtain volumetric surveys, site assessments, stock management, or Raw Data Files at the following flat rates.

  • >6 acres for $500
  • 7-10 acres for $800
  • 11-20 Acres for $1200

There are a few stipulations that assure we still meet quality expectations. It should be noted we operate primarily in the pacific northwest; travels outside our core Washington area require necessary fees.

Our new pricing structure includes both an on-site survey and a customized report for general stock measurements on aggregates and landfill. General projects are typically stockyards for aggregates, city-owned landfill sites, construction sites that need point clouds, terrain maps, or orthophotos.

If you have a unique project or would like to learn more about our current offer, please email me at .

You can visit our Land Surveys Info page here.

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