Improving Microwave Line of Sight Analysis with Unmanned Aircraft

One of the quickest ways to expand a network over a vast territory is by using microwave frequency transmission.

In the absence of fiber or T1 connection, a microwave engineer must establish a path with a viable donor. A line of sight (LOS) test utilizing a climbing crew has been the current standard to establish a flash test. The costs of climbing crews are expensive and the data is reduced to hand held cameras and flashlights. Ryka is setting the new standard in LOS testing by utilizing its fleet drones to dramatically improve the quality and accuracy of a LOS test.

Ryka’s LOS services are currently being utilized by various carriers nationwide to expand their wireless infrastructure rapidly and efficiently. To date, Ryka has been able to analyze microwave paths at distances greater than 30 miles. The use of drones paired with their HD camera and proprietary sensors allows Ryka to provide its clients with the highest quality visual data including HD photo and video, accurate measurements and height readings using altimeters, along with data that can be easily shared across multiple levels of the client’s organization.

Cell Tower Inspection
Pathloss for Microwave Line of Sight

Ryka UAS also employs a Pathloss certified Engineer to review your candidates and path profiles prior to completing an analysis. Ryka provides this additional service prior to flight to eliminate any potential paths that will fail and limit path testing to viable candidates only, thus saving clients time and money. Additionally, Ryka UAS and Ryka Consulting pair together to provide full Real Estate Site Acquisition services to fully entitle your microwave path through leasing, permitting, and construction.

Ryka is taking microwave LOS to a higher standard while also providing a full turn-key solution for your microwave deployment needs.

Ryka continues to seek partnerships and new clientele. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like more information.
-Ryka UAS